Nishan I

2007-2012, 4 channel colour video installation with 4 channels of sound
It looks at sensory and perceptual states that result from a disruption of "organic flows".The point of departure is a state of sustained conflict and the conditions it produces.

nishan I


2011, 35mm colour film with sound, 39 mins, looped
This film has been shot in a redundant Thermal power plant in the outskirts of the city of Guwahati. DMC's interest is in constructed signs that can never be replicated or remembered and in the relationship between matter and memory.


Trespassers will (not) be prosecuted

2008- , multi-channel sound installation, speakers, cables, sensors & audio, dimensions vary with installation.
The project seeks to summon 'false memories' via a forest soundscape.



a technological "sound map"
The path through the protected area was precisely documented by means of GPS. QR codes are positioned along the trail, which can be decoded using a smart phone, making the original recordings audible again.



A+type is an experiment in spatial imaginary with an objective to explore a typology of a contemporary cultural space that can create a social engagement which allows for a translocal exchange of knowledge, experiments and aesthetic experiences.



2009, digital colour video with sound, 14min.,23sec.
On a single day in a far away land, a man is selling orchids, another man is selling rings which saves one from all harms and a third man in another distant land faces his execution.

trirty twelve


2007, digital colour video with sound, 6min.,40sec.
It is an exploration in the sensory realm of the process of drowning - the slowing down of all senses visual as well as aural. A dream like world emerges, as everything just seems to go by.

25 75


2007, digital colour video with sound, 7min.,40sec.
This work was shot on the shores of Liverpool. This was an important location for trade with India and specially with Assam during the colonial times. Most of the tea from Assam was unloaded here.



2006, digital colour video with sound,7min.,22sec.
Being ordered and reordered in endlessly different constellations, the detached viewer follows endless explorations. Every space becomes a door to many other multilayered doors.



2006, digital colour video with sound, 26min.
In a remote corner on the Indian- Burmese border, in Mizoram state, thousands live a suspended life. Most have left their jobs and schools, some have even left their families. They wait in silence to return to the promised land, Israel.


About Body Borders

2006, digital colour video with sound, 10min.
This video questions the representation of the northeast in mainstream India media as a deviant, exotic space where the people are violent and "uncivilized". They are marginalized as the ethnic "other".

about body

Daily Checkup

2005, digital colour video with sound, 8min.,15sec.
The hierarchy between memories and real events is dissolved. The collective memory of people a reflection that runs from the personal to the political.

daily CU

Alfa Beta

2005, digital colour video with sound, 6min.,32sec
Alfa Beta looks at the politics of remembering without excluding the space for forgetting. The hierarchy between memories & real events is dissolved. The collective memory is a reflection that runs from the personal to the political.


Almost Normal

In a zone of conflict life is close to normal – "almost normal". Daily life is punctuated with encounters that are brief yet with a repetition over and over again assume a part of existence that cannot be ignored or taken for granted.

Almost Normal


Periferry is a curated space on a ferry for hybrid practices. It is a trans-local initiative which looks at a critical uses of technology, collaborative experiments with local communities in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner.


School of Everyday - CON (TEXT + TENT + TEMPORARY)

This work looks at the creation of content in a particular context and examines within that the notion of compemporary. By temporarily reclaiming a public space it strives to give it a context and regenerate it.

School of Everyday

Bhotbhoti Tales

2008, digital colour video with sound, 14min.,14sec.
Bhotbhoti Tales is a community project in video with boatmen who ferry people to and from North to South Guwahati. In this daily commute on the Bhotbhotis many conversations ensued with the boatmen.

Bhotbhoti Tales

Digital Northeast

Digital Northeast is an alternative space for an imaginative reconstitution of culture, new / old media practice and research and critical creative cultural intervention in Northeast India.

Digital Northeast

Inner Lines

The curation attempts to identify the hot spots of contemporary conflict, its dynamics and actors, its movement and the trajectories that depart from temporary uneasiness to the desire of building an alternative to one's own situation.

inner lines