2007, digital colour video with sound, 06min.,40sec

This film draws from a very potent fear of drowning. It is an exploration in the sensory realm of the process of drowning - the slowing down of all senses visual as well as aural. The distortion of images and sounds it produces. A dream like world emerges, as everything just seems to go by.
This dream world finds expression in a unique play of numbers, in the game of “Teer” (arrow), a game of betting on numbers, based on the number of arrows that hit a small target. It is a traditional game of archery played in the Khasi Hills, of Meghalaya, Northeast India. Dreams here have a symbolism and bets are made on specific numbers on based on the dreams of the previous night. 25 stands for a hand with milk... and 75 for a girl swimming..... link






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