Bhotbhoti Tales

2008, digital colour video with sound, 14min.,14sec.

Bhotbhoti Tales is a community project in video with Bhotbhoti (small motorized boats) boatmen who ferry people to and from North to South Guwahati. In this daily commute on the Bhotbhotis many conversations ensued with the boatmen, about their everyday relation with the river. The commute changes duration according to the seasons as the water levels in the river changes drastically, up and down about 20 to 25 feet. Different narratives emerge as the boats make their daily rounds between the rural, North Guwahati and urban South Guwahati. The boatmen talk about different things like what subject they would like to make a film on, where the river Brahamaputra originates and how distressed lovers try to commitsuicide in the river.

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